Vibrant LED Dog Collar
Vibrant LED Dog Collar
Vibrant LED Dog Collar
Vibrant LED Dog Collar
Vibrant LED Dog Collar
Vibrant LED Dog Collar
Vibrant LED Dog Collar

Vibrant LED Dog Collar

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Anti-Lost Glowing in the Dark LED Dog’s Collar, USB Rechargeable


Walking a hyperactive dog can be quite challenging, especially at night; Trips seem extremely long, exhausting, and it gets hard to locate your dog’s position when it’s dark. And all the sniffing and pulling in every direction will drain your energy and turn a perfectly fun activity into your worst nightmare.

So, here's why a regular dog collar may not be the safest option for walking your dog.

1.2 million dogs are killed on the roads each year in the UK alone”

Our LED Dog collar grants you the benefits of effortless night walks.  It's Comfy and easy to wear, gives you a clear vision of your fur baby position. The material is sturdy and skin-friendly, plus the LED lights will add a dash of safety to those late walks. So, yes, it doesn't get much safer than this.

  • Safe Late Walks: The LED lights give you great visibility of your dog at night. So, you can locate your puppy even in dark places or around bushes. But that's not all: this LED dog collar is a battery-operated device that saves you the time and effort of recharging your dog's collars for hours. Just put the battery on and you're good to go.

  • Easy to Use, Ready-to-Go! Your dog might still be very much a puppy. Strong pulls and turns in every direction. You'll be sweating by the end of the walk trying to find your fur baby. That's why your best option is this LED Dog collar. It's stylish, tear-resistant, breathable, and most importantly, secure. So, grant your dog some outdoor time without having to freak out every 5 minutes. 

  • Wear-Resistant and Skin-Friendly: This Anti Lost Dog Collar is breathable, comfy, yet sturdy, and durable, crafted from Oxford, Mesh, and Nylon Materials. Your four-legged friend won't complain, and neither will you. So, don't worry about durability. You'll be getting your money worth.

    • 4 Safety Modes: With a simple click, you can switch from one lighting mode to another: Fixed light, Flashing, Slow flashing, and Off. Each mode has its own use and purpose, depending on the time of day and the surrounding.



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    Can it be stretched: can
    Color: blue, white, red, orange, yellow, green, pink
    Specifications (length * width): S, L, M, XL
    Applicable objects: dogs and cats