Dog Socialisation and Obedience Masterclass

Dog Socialisation and Obedience Masterclass

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Build mutual trust by knowing what your dog’s behaviour means and get the skills needed to make him sociable and obedient

There’s no doubt about it, dogs are EVERYONE’s best friend! But occasionally, every dog owner will go through phases where their lovable pooch acts more like a monster – and it can be a frustrating and difficult time. Some dogs have trouble adjusting when they are brought home for the first time, other dogs can be trained for years and then act out for seemingly no apparent reason. But what this course will teach you is that there is ALWAYS a reason for every dog behavior – and we’ll help you to recognize the psychological, emotional, and social motivations behind their actions.

This course will empower you to be your own dog behaviorist and training guru. When you work hands-on with your dog on training and obedience, it strengthens your bond and builds trust. Trainers and schools are expensive, stressful, and don’t always give you long-lasting results – because your dog is performing as opposed to learning. When you can correct your dog’s behavior, teach them new skills, and give them challenges, your dog will have more respect for you as a leader, and more love for you as an owner.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to work directly with your dog to fix those bad behaviours, and you’ll recognise signs of future problems. We want you to have a long and happy life with your doggy pal, so enroll today and start working your magic!


Our online course is suitable for everyone, of any experience level, and will teach you strong leadership skills and obedience tips that anyone can master. 

  • We start by training YOU as an owner.  We’re going to show you how your behavior, energy, the tone of voice, and body language affects your dog – both positively and negatively.
  • Then you’ll get inside your dog’s head to understand what’s causing their bad behavior. Is it a natural instinct? A response to change in their environment? An emotional reaction? Dogs are complex and think differently than humans.
  • You’ll learn how to interpret and recognize dog psychology, communication, and body language to understand what your dog is trying to express
  • We’ll take you through correcting many different types of behavior problems, starting with the “WHY” before we teach you the “HOW”. 
  • You'll learn how to properly socialize your dog so they play nice with others - with other dogs, pets, and humans. 
  • You’ll be able to reform your dog’s emotional issues, such as aggression, anxiety, fear, and insecurity, and fix the bad behaviors that come as a result of these issues – destruction, biting, soiling, guarding, howling, etc.
  • We’ll also show you how to improve your dog’s obedience so they walk nicely on lead, come when they’re called, and can follow basic commands. You’ll learn effective teaching methods using dog training collars, clickers and crate training